En route to university

When I first arrived in London back in September the excitement wasn’t very easy to hide – and it still isn’t. I visited the university I came to London study at several times before I was even asked to show up. You might be wondering: WHY?

Well, let me tell you something. For a good amount of years studying has always been something you had to do in order to secure your future. Some courses in school I liked a lot, but there was also the ones I wasn’t directly the biggest fan of – nevertheless I have always liked studying. But when I got the opportunity to study abroad I knew that I could choose the courses myself. Courses that would be based on my interests only. That is why my excitement to start studying again after a long summer break was in its place.

Oh and I must mention, I was also doing the walking-vlog in order to test the new tech gear (a stabilizer for iPhone videoes) I got in a birthday present from my dad. I couldn’t not test it out, so this was the perfect opportunity to try and film in public. The speaking part must wait until I am more comfortable with the whole exposing thing …

By watching this video you will get a short sneak peek of my room/where I live and of course the very nice route to the university, which is 10-15 minutes walk through a very beautiful park, Regent’s Park. How not to love the walk to uni?