Take a Walk on The Wild side

A few years ago, or in the summer of 2014 to be more specific, I started my living-life here in London. I jumped on a plain in the summer between the second and third year of high school because of my lust for learning new things as well as developing myself was too big to wait until I would graduate. Thanks to my (very cool) aunt here in London, I managed to get a few internships within Fashion. In three different departments in three different companies. How lucky could I be?! 

That summer was where my love for London started. Or actually, it wasn’t because I had visited several times before. But it was that summer when I realised that this city wasn’t just a get-away vacation spot, for me a city that meant much more than that. It was a city that meant that dreams did come true if you worked hard enough and put every passionate perspective into what you do.

Four years later I now live here (limited time, I know), but I live here. If I look back at the 17-year-old Elisabeth who only dreamt about taking a degree, only dreamt about working in Fashion and only dreamt about living abroad. I would have said to her; work you’re a** off and it can become true. And so it did. 

I did not only take a walk on the wild side in the ‘Anya’ sandals from L. K. Bennett – which was one of the places I interned, so I got to be Instagram model for a post (see above) – I also took a walk this time. I stumbled, or actually hunted down any Sample Sale I could in order to find the good ones here in London. Luckily enough L. K. Bennett had one just 50m from where I live. 

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Never not smiling in this city.

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I found myself in the middle of the Sample Sale with the same pair of ‘Anya’ Sandals that I had worn a few years back. Not saying that I got a bit emotional, but I did. I choose not to buy the leopard printed sandal, but instead, I went with a pair of boots, because that is what Elisabeth 22 would do. This time I took a walk on the wild side the ‘Robbie’ boot in leopard print.

Taking a walk on the wild side does not only mean you should buy a new pair of shoes and walk in them. Talking a walk on the wild side is also about living life and doing what you love. Put that extra effort into things, get out of your comfort zone and walk that extra mile in order to achieve things. This is what I aim to do, and this is why I am here in London.