Strolling down Marylebone High Street: 7 boutiques you MUST visit

Looking for a seamless retail shopping experience? Look no further. I have done the job for you and visited 7 stores located as pearls on a string from Marylebone High Street down to St. Christophers Place. Now you just have to follow my map above.

Whether you are around Bond Street St. near Oxford Street or Baker Street St. it’s easy to find your way to Marylebone High Street – or let’s just say that it is a lovely and easy break from the crowded shopping mecca Oxford Street has to offer.

Every store has something else to offer even though they do share some similarities. They are all targeting primarily women, Millenials or Gen X and the ones appreciating classic pieces in good quality with a trendy twist!

Spotted something Scandi? You are right – By Malene Birger is a well known Danish brand that has found it ways to the heart of a globalized fashionable woman.

Don’t have time for the route? I got you covered. Tap the brand name above the pictures and you are forwarded to the brand’s webpage. Let the shopping begin!