The definitive guide to 3 things Scandi in London

The definitive guide to all things Scandi-related in London, because where to find London’s most authentic Scandi spots, when you’re in need of something home-ish.

Despite the multicultural city with many nationalities, global reach and open approach, the Brit’s can’t help but love the Danish and Scandi simple way of living, its gastronomic kitchen, the architecture, and the way of living. And then you might ask me: what’s not to love about the simplicity and good quality approach to life? There is every reason to like it. And since I am home away from home I thought I would find some Scandi things and spots to do in the British capital.


Daylesford is a must-be-aware-of shop, café and farm in the London area. Its all about organic, seasonal and delicious food – which is exactly what we Danes appreciate. And besides their unique farm in the Cotswolds – which I am yet to visit, their London farm shops & cafés, where I can highly recommend the one located on 6-8 Blandford Street, W1 Marylebone, is a must when around.  

Their Marylebone place is offering everything from artisan cheeses and different kind of bread from their own creamery and bakery, to fruit and vegetables grown in their Daylesford Cotswolds Market Garden and grass-pastured meat from their farms. Besides offering all you need to live organically, their cafe is open all day, a place to eat, drink and relax with friends and family, which is what I attend to do as soon as the Weekend approaches again.

Why it has the Scandi-vibe?

We Danes, or Scandi people in general, appreciate something homemade where we are informed about the origins and production of things. Less is more combined with an organic-view and the hygge atmosphere is perfect for a Scandi. 

Daylesford Farmshop & Café 6-8 Blandford Street Marylebone London W1U 4AU

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Dover Street Market

From food to shopping, Dover Street Market is the place to shop. 

A concept store located in the heart of Mayfair in London. It offers more than just trendy pieces, but a shopping experience that has challenged the classic way of doing retail. It is all about creativity when one enters the store. It is a place where streetwear is mixed with luxury garments, young and upcoming designers as well as famous and established icons and artists.

Moreover, the store is designed with installations and is changed from time to time with designers decorating their own space within the store. As some would say: It is a beautiful chaos. 

Dover Street Market was originally located on Dover Street in London but has expanded with stores in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing and latest a store in Los Angeles. 

The unique selling point of Dover Street Market is mostly that the store sells all Comme des Garçons brands mixed with their palette of above-stated sellers.

It is a must visit and experience if you are into cool retail environments.

Why it has the Scandi-vibe?

When shopping in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo you would often come across stores and boutiques that have been stripped back and only show the essence of what it wants to communicate. Or say it as simple as less is more in retail. We love the minimalistic, but yet quality over quantity, which is what Dover Street Market is especially good at capturing all in one place since the brands only have limited space within the store and the stock gets changed quite often. 

Dover Street Market 18-22 Haymarket London SW1Y 4DG

Bicester Village

I have saved my trip to Bicester Village for last since I wanted it to be something to look forward to when the term is over. But as primary research for this post, I sent my sister to hunt down bargains not only once, but twice! And I have never seen her smile that much as the day she came back after her first visit. You might be wondering: why weren’t you with her? Well, I was moving into my flat/place in London that day, so shopping got down prioritized for once.

Bicester Village is a luxury shopping outlet or village as the name says, with more than 160 designer and fashion brands. What makes it so good? It offers up to 60% of the retail price. And the best part? It is only 46 minutes from London Marylebone.

Why it has the Scandi-vibe?

Bicester Village is a luxury outlet, and if there is something we Danes love to get – especially if you’re from the West side of Denmark, you love a good bargain. 

Bicester Village 50 Pingle Drive Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6WD England

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If you are from Scandinavia and missing local groceries way too much, Scandikitchen is your savour. Find the store on 61 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP or shop all things Scandi online here.