5 Tips For Pulling Off London Style

It is still so difficult to describe how excited I am to be living here in London, and the fact that it is coming to an end makes me stop an reflect on all the good times even more often than usual. But on another – and more easy note-, I feel like my time here has prepared me enough to know how to pull off London style. There’s just something about being in that city that always inspires my creativity, my love for fashion and just generally makes me ridiculously happy. And that reflects back on my inspiration. So here goes my 5 tip for pulling of London Style by Londoners. 

1. Keep it classy

A classic trench coat is one of the most iconic British fashion elements. The ones from Burberry goes hundred of years back in time, but they are still elevating style solutions nowadays. The French and English fashion blogger Camille Charriere knows how to pull it of with a light turtleneck knit and a creamy skirt – very anno 2018. 

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2. Less is more – Stay with the basics

London is not only known as one of the greatest fashion capital of the world, but banking does also take up a lot of the city life. The dress code is often very corporate within those businesses, so take note from Sandra and stay with the basics, if you have a dress code to stick to. A black turtleneck, grey suit pants and a long coat do the trick. Upgrade with a pair of statement earings and heeled booties for a fashion forward twist!

3. Checks and trousers

The Brits are known for their checks – and trousers. But mostly checks. Jessie Bush from @wethepeoplestyle knows how to master a classic check with a colourful twist. 

4. Don’t be afraid of Colours

From corporate to eclectic – Londoners do know how to do colour. If you’re not afraid of a pop of pink, upgrade you classic Autumn uniform to a pink one that makes you stand out from the crowd.

5. Find inspiration from Fashion Editors

My best tip for pulling off London style must be to seek inspiration from the Fashion Editors of the good Magazines and fashion houses in London. If there is someone who know how to pull it off the right way it must be the fashion women themselves.