The art of ‘hygge’ in London

When moving to London I was – to be honest – a bit afraid of not getting a bit of hygge in this big city. Not that I wouldn’t have made it without, because I am sure I would do just fine, but because I simply just like how us Danes do cosy things.

The pub life

One of the things that I have experienced here in London as much more social than back home is the pub-experience. In Denmark, we love our house parties and it’s not often we visit a so-called “værtshus” (the Danish word for a pub). But here in London, I have stopped counting of how many cosy and festive hours and times I have spent with friends over a pint.

Christmas lights

Another hyggelig thing to do this time of year is looking at all the Christmas decorations around town. Grab a friend and a hot drink and spend your afternoon strolling around. Seeing all the lights during late day hours and early nights really gets you in a cosy mood.

A Scandi Crew

Lastly, the art of hygge in London is not just about visiting cosy places, but surrounding yourself with people you can have a good time with. I have been lucky enough to find likewise Scandi people while being here, and they have all contributed to the feeling of home and hygge, but without making me feel home-sick. Funny enough, they have made this experience even better because I now know that I am not urging to go home because it is possible to have it all here. 

So to sum it all up: here are 3 takeaways on how to master hygge in London:

  1. Go to a pub and grab a Carlsberg (or a British beer if you like?)
  2. Stroll around the city and look at all the Christmas lights and decorations
  3. Find a Scandi crew that can give you your weekly home-vibes

Want to see most of my experience from the past 5 months in London? Scroll through the A-Scandi-In-London page here on my site or head over to my Instagram account (@elisabethbf) for small anecdotes.