Share a Day – Life in London

I was thinking of ways to show how a day in life looks like for A Scandi in London. But instead of creating a usual daily vlog or seeing my day through pictures, I came up with the idea of sharing my Instagram Highlights with you. 

All months, from September to December, contain almost all of my Instagram stories posted during my time here in London. That is, everything from 7 AM and late night training sessions at BXR to Vintage Markets in East London to coffee breaks and study sessions and nights out. All of this is in those stories. If you keeping watching through you might find a place or two you want to visit? Let me know in the comments section if you want to know more about any of the places shown.

This was also a memorable way for me to share and save all of the experiences I have had on the platform I use most, Instagram. Now I just have to capture it all in a more memorable way. Maybe a mini-documentary I can keep for years? Who knows. For the time being, the stories are for all of you who wants a peek into a day – or months – in life here in London.