The best coffee places to visit

Fancy a cup of tea? Yes, please. Us Scandi people do love a good cup of tea, just not as much as the British people – I assume. Most of the time we Danes like a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and preferably several per day. Or at least I tend to drink quite a few.

Some people drink it to get the caffeine kick in the morning or afternoon, some for the taste and then there are the ones that are addicted. I am a combination of all of the three, if I may say so myself.

Nevertheless, a good cup of coffee can be harder to find than one would assume.  Therefore, I have found three coffee places you should try out!

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth Coffee in Covent Garden was actually the first coffee place I was introduced to here in London. It is located in the heart of Covent Garden on 27 Monmouth Street to be more specific. 

There is never not a line outside this coffee place, and there is a good reason why. You can smell the coffee beans when walking by, and while they brewed your preferred coffee you get captured into their coffeelicious vibes. If you fancy a treat to your coffee I recommend their banana bread as well!

© Monmouth Coffee. 
27 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden

The Brasserie at Regent’s University

When your second home is the University it is lucky that they can serve a good cup of coffee – especially for the long never ending days with exams. Luckily Regent’s University has different options for getting your caffeine kick. One of them – may I say the best of them – being The Brasserie.

Besides serving the best coffee at Regent’s they also have selective choices of artisan sandwiches and sweet treats. And while enjoying an Americano or Flat White with friends in the old building you get a break from the fast paced study and city life.

© Elisabeth Friis

Chiltern Street has more than Chiltern Firehoue

Located just across the famous Chiltern Firehouse is Monocle Café. A small cosy coffee place with just a few seats outside. The little café in Chiltern Street is the place to pick up the latest issue of the magazine and bump into fellow Monocle guests. 

The reason why I came across this place was first, that it is located in the area I live in and it is on the way to my gym BXR. Secondly, because they do not only serve delicious coffee, but also Danish pastries and Italian wine as well as some food choices. What not to love about that? There is alway people around, so I recommend stopping by if you get the chance.

© Monocle Cafe.
London Café
18 Chiltern Street